Spring/Summer property frenzy – Best garden design tips for house sale.

outdoor garden design Eastern suburbs


1. Purchaser/People – who’s your Target Audience/ your most likely purchaser – who are you designing for? (Purpose – are you providing a manicured garden or rather highlighting the potential?)

2. Planning the space – areas you want to include (eg lawn, entertaining space, etc)

3. Pruning (in the broader sense of the word) – eliminate any superfluous or undesirable elements in the garden

  • Leaves and Weeds
  • Dead flowers or plants
  • Trim overgrown shrubs/trees
  • Clean or remove rusted items
  • Clean dirt from pavers, walls and furniture with high pressure hose

4. Planting

  • Lawn – freshen up
  • Pop of colour gives a fresh appearance, at the entrance & in garden beds. See what’s in season & suits your specific microclimate – see what’s growing well in your neighbourhood
  • For privacy or noise – plant a mature hedge (even some planting goes a long way)
  • Mulch all your plants – gives an instant manicured garden
  • Edgings – make sure they’re sharp & well-defined, gives the landscape a professional look.

5. Products

  • Pots – provide layering for instant visual effect, and you can take them with you
  • Furniture & BBQ – highlights a certain lifestyle
  • Mirrors can enlarge a small space