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Garden maintenance


At Vogue & Vine, our philosophy is to design gardens that are in sympathy with their immediate environment and orientation. This matching of plants to the environment helps them remain healthy and grow well over time.

Modern Coastal Front Garden Design, Dover Heights, Eastern Suburbs
apartment garden rushcutters bay
coastal front garden Vaucluse

Stage 1: Initial consultation

Each garden has its own characteristics that makes the space unique. Our initial on-site consultation gives us the opportunity to meet you and gain an insight into your garden environment including existing structures, orientation, lighting, outlook to neighbours and suburban feel.

We start to develop a brief by asking lots of questions, listening carefully to what you’re wanting to achieve, understand your broader interests, and how you would like to use the space – for yourself, your family and friends, both in the short and long term.

We often ask you to prepare images of gardens you like.  This helps us discover your starting point conceptual ideas. We then work out how we can build on them utilising our own global design philosophy.

Budget is always a critical conversation at this point. It dictates what elements we can incorporate into our design.

By the end of our consultation, We will have developed a thorough understanding of your brief, suggested a number of possible design concept ideas, and be in a position to forward you a proposal.

Stage 2: Proposal & quote

We then send you a fee proposal to prepare your design concept plan. Our proposal carefully outlines our understanding of your brief.

We pride ourselves on having an intuitive understanding of our clients and ‘nailing’ the brief, so that there’s no misunderstanding and little time wasted moving back and forth.

Our proposal is thorough and outlines a checklist of what we include in our design concept plans.

Stage 3: Design concept plans

Following acceptance of our fee proposal, we then proceed to translate the brief into your design concept plans.

There are a number of steps in this process depending on what you have opted for and what is required for the project.

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