Dover Heights

Our clients live in a highly exposed position on the cliffs of Dover Heights which receive fierce winds. Planting for their back and side garden areas needed to be particularly hardy. The wanted a low maintenance garden that could also accommodate their many family and friends.

To incorporate a defined structure to the garden, we included a zig zag style retaining wall, inspired by renowned Modernist Landscape Architect Thomas Church, which can double as extra seating. We incorporated Millboard (artificial timber) decking along the front and top of the wall, to extend the decking into the garden area and incorporated large Cor-ten steel planters to add extra layering and dramatic effect. Plants include a range of succulents and local, hardy plants, with primarily blue/grey foliage, which complements their vibrant outdoor dining table. 


Our client in Malabar needed a complete landscape makeover for their 4 level home set back from the beach. With no lawn and only minimal garden beds, they wanted  to incorporate a range of plants to create a very natural, calming & inviting home. 

The client particularly likes The Grounds of Alexandria, so we introduced a variety of organic shaped pots, with earthy colours & textures, such as cor-ten steel, stone, bronze & terracotta, along with other recycled, industrial materials, in combination with timber planter boxes. The earthy materials connect all of the 16 different outdoor areas.


Our clients wanted us to design the front, back and side garden areas for their beautiful new coastal home. The design needed to soften the strong rectilinear lines of the home’s contemporary architecture and complement the white and grey colour scheme. In the back garden, the focus was to create privacy and maximise space for the kids to play.

In the front garden, planting needed to soften the driveway and large format steps at the entranceway. Dracaena draco (Dragon Tree) was selected as the feature tree, along with a combination of Australian natives and succulents, with a mixture of green, grey and glaucous coloured foliage. Plants needed to be hardy, low maintenance and dog friendly.


Our client was keen for us to transform his small back courtyard into an inviting space where he can entertain many family and friends, or simply relax by himself. Plenty of seating and storage were essential elements in the brief, as well as creating a low maintenance, industrial style space.