Formal Terrace Garden – Edgecliff

formal terrace garden design Sydney, vogue&vine


Enhance their formal terrace garden with some additional planting and colour. Want to enjoy the garden more with their grandchildren.


A middle aged couple who have lived in Edgecliff for over 30 years.

The clients of this beautiful, lower-level garden wanted to enhance their  terrace garden with some additional touches. Their back garden already featured existing hedging and clipped plants.

We incorporated flowering perennials, such as Hydrangea, Acanthus mollis, Echium candicans and Iris germanica, along with Kalanchoe ‘Silver Spoons’ for colour contrast, along with Japanese Star Jasmine as groundcover.

A Japanese Buxus hedge provides great structure and movement and frames the garden beds with great elegance and beauty.

Garden privacy screening – Rose Bay

Rose Bay Garden, vogue&vine landscape designers


Create privacy from the neighbouring apartment block using garden privacy screening. Create a sense of driveway grandeur as the entrance to the house.


Young professional family with 2 children in high school.

A driveway is the first introduction to your home and, arguably, the last impression left. For our clients of this beautiful Rose Bay villa-style home, we wanted to create an elegant, sense of grandeur in the lead up to their home’s entrance. We also introduced some practical elements of garden privacy screening using established plants that will provide more privacy over time.

As the entrance to their battle-axe property, the clients were keen for us to enhance their driveway, with low maintenance plants, and create privacy from the neighbouring apartment building. We incorporated a Mediterranean aesthetic, with a more formal planting scheme, using repetition of minimal plants, including Magnolia ‘Little Gem’, Liriope Muscari and a clipped Japanese Buxus hedge. With the addition of scented Lavender, Rosemary and Jasmine at the front, the sensory garden was complete.

Modern Coastal Garden – Dover Heights

modern coastal garden design, dover heights, vogue&vine

THE BRIEF – Modern Coastal Garden with large entertaining areas.

THE CLIENTS – Dover Heights family who want to have enough room share their new coastal garden space with family and friends.

Our clients live in a highly exposed coastal position on the cliffs of Dover Heights which receives fierce winds. Their garden backs onto the cliff garden which is exposed to strong coastal winds, and salt water.

Our brief was to design a modern coastal garden with planting for their back and side gardens that would be particularly hardy. They also wanted a low maintenance garden that could also accommodate their many family and friends.

We incorporated a defined structure to help create a new modern coastal garden feel. We included a zig zag style retaining wall, inspired by renowned Modernist Landscape Architect Thomas Church, which can double as extra seating.

We incorporated Millboard (artificial timber) decking along the front and top of the wall, to extend the decking into the garden area and incorporated large Cor-ten steel planters to add extra layering and dramatic effect.

Plants include a range of succulents and local, hardy plants, with primarily blue/grey foliage, which complements their vibrant outdoor dining table.

Townhouse Garden – Randwick

townhouse garden randwick, eastern suburbs Sydney

THE BRIEF – Private townhouse garden

The clients wanted a very private open space with different outdoor zones, where their children could play soccer and they could entertain friends and family.

The townhouse is on a large corner block in Randwick –  located opposite an old age home. The townhouse garden needed privacy and a feeling of being away from the city to make the family feel a sense of privacy and comfort to relax outdoors.

Deb did the most incredible job designing our stunning garden. She was extremely knowledgeable about plants, listened well to what we wanted & was able to create a garden with privacy that was lush and tranquil. Through Deb’s creativity she was able to design a magical space that was exactly what we were wanting. The garden was a brilliant selling feature when we recently sold our home. Deb and Nina were a pleasure to work with.


Apartment Garden – Rushcutters Bay

Sydney apartment Landscape designers, Vogue&Vine

The body corporate of this beautiful apartment complex wanted a refurbishment of the communal garden areas, to brighten up the darker areas of the apartment garden and encourage the residents to enjoy looking over their balconies into an elegant and vibrant space. It had to be attractive from all sides of the building, yet hardy and low maintenance.

You did a wonderful job with the garden refurbished. It looks just gorgeous and everyone is so happy with the result


Coastal Front Garden – Vaucluse

coastal front garden Vaucluse

Our clients wanted us to design the coastal front garden, back and side garden areas for their new architect designed home in Vaucluse. The design needed to soften the strong rectilinear lines of the new home’s contemporary architecture and complement the white and grey colour scheme. In the back garden, the focus was to create privacy and maximise space for the kids to play.

In the front garden, planting needed to soften the driveway and large format steps at the entranceway. Dracaena draco (Dragon Tree) was selected as the feature tree, along with a combination of Australian natives and succulents, with a mixture of green, grey and glaucous coloured foliage. Our coastal Plant selection needed to be hardy, low maintenance and dog friendly.

Front Garden Courtyard- Rose Bay

front garden courtyard design - Rose Bay, Sydney

The clients of this lovely Rose Bay home wanted a dramatic change to their front garden courtyard. Their brief was to change the front garden, from a large pond which was situated on both sides of the timber walkway, into a warm, inviting tropical courtyard paradise. They wanted it to be reminiscent of their travels to Bali.

Coastal Front Garden – Dover Heights

Coastal Front Garden Design Dover Heights, Vogue&Vine

The clients of this modern coastal home  in Sydney’s Dover Heights wanted to create a beautiful, Japanese inspired coastal front garden. The priority was a water wise garden that created a calm entrance to the family home. The client loved a range of plants, including the dramatic Alcanterea imperialis (Imperial Bromeliade), so we incorporated different foliage colours and textures of both native and exotic varieties – all suited to second line salt.

Curved corten steel edging was used to give a strong line style to help create the coastal front garden look and provide an Eastern sensibility and tranquillity to the home’s entrance. Stone pavers that were leftover from the client’s earlier back garden renovation were used as stepping stones, along with the addition of Cowra white pebbles.

Courtyard garden – Redfern

Courtyard design innercity Sydney, Vogue&Vine

THE CLIENT – For this Redfern courtyard design, our client was keen for us to create an inviting, open space where he could relax as well as entertain his large extended family and friends. He wanted  an Industrial style courtyard design with some elegant design touches and one that incorporated as much seating and storage as possible. In this 6 x 6m space, we incorporated built-in seating along 2 sides, with lift up storage, as well as a 3 seat outdoor sofa that could be moved if necessary.

Plants & materials needed to be low maintenance, so we included a timber-composite seating, which needs no maintenance but has a rich, warm look. We incorporated concrete flooring to add to the industrial vibe, as well as garden beds with drought tolerant plants, including mixed succulents, Yukka elephantipes and Crassula ‘Max Cooke’. A mirror was included to visually enlarge the area. Along with contemporary pots and and a new dining table & chairs, the courtyard was completely transformed!