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THE CLIENTS – A Dover Heights family who want to have enough room share their new coastal garden space with family and friends. Living in a highly exposed coastal position on the cliffs of Dover Heights which receives fierce winds. Their garden backs onto the cliff park which is exposed to strong coastal winds, and salt water.

THE BRIEF – Our brief was to design a modern coastal garden with planting for their back and side gardens that would be particularly hardy. They also wanted a low maintenance garden that could also accommodate their many family and friends.

We incorporated a defined structure to help create a new modern coastal garden feel. We included a zig zag style retaining wall, inspired by renowned Modernist Landscape Architect Thomas Church, which can double as extra seating.

We incorporated Millboard (artificial timber) decking along the front and top of the wall, to extend the decking into the garden area and incorporated large Cor-ten steel planters to add extra layering and dramatic effect.

PLANTS – A range of succulents and local, hardy plants, with primarily blue/grey foliage, which complements their vibrant outdoor dining table. 

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