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Courtyard Garden Design Sydney

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Courtyard landscape designer Sydney

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Courtyard garden design Sydney

Over the last 10 years, the number of Sydney townhouses and apartments has exploded. 

The big challenge is designing small courtyard gardens and smaller outdoor living spaces that not only improve our client’s lifestyles but also makes the most of their available outdoor space.

Small courtyard gardens Sydney

Our Courtyard garden design Sydney approach combines three important concepts;

  • Budget small garden ideas 
  • Regular backyard landscape design
  • Creative outdoor garden styling

This compact design approach is completely different to our large backyard garden designs where we work with large plants and an abundance of space. Our end result creates new outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed in every season.

Discover some of our best designs HERE.


Courtyard Gardens Sydney

Small garden design

As experienced landscape designers, we adapt quickly to low maintenance small garden designs. We design these smaller courtyard spaces by scaling down all the design elements from pots to plant selection. 

A lack of space doesn’t mean lack of design and we are still able to introduce our global design influences & relaxed Australian design into these smaller urban spaces.

Courtyard Landscape Design Sydney

We believe that a beautiful courtyard garden becomes an irresistible extra living space to enjoy for our clients. This is an important lifestyle factor especially for townhouses, terraces or houses located close to the city.

Many clients contact us for our contemporary courtyard design service, where we focus on designing vibrant multifunctional spaces using design tricks to hide everyday items, increase storage and maximise entertaining space. All while creating a green low maintenance garden oasis that our clients crave.


Sydney courtyard landscape design

Designing courtyard gardens in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney requires an experienced landscape designer. It does require different design skills to regular backyard garden in Sydney. Fortunately we are experienced in both large and small space design. Discover some of our recent designs here.

We always focus on creating a functional space for entertaining and introduce more garden styling elements such as mirrors and minimal sets of pots. This helps create a larger sense of space in a small outdoor area.

Planting & lighting

Our planting specs are also kept to a minimum and we scale them down to avoid clutter. Great external lighting is also a key element as we design our small outdoor spaces to be used both day and night in all seasons.



Courtyard Gardens Sydney – Q&A

The are some important tips when designing your new Sydney courtyard garden.

  • The most important starting point is to measure every single area (including fence heights & steps). Remember courtyards are NOT a large garden.
  • Draw a list of priorities of what you want to pack in. 
  • Try and utilise vertical areas which are perfect for creative space effective design.
  • Create an easy flow from the indoor areas.
  • Create low maintenance flooring using pavers or timber decking.
  • Create privacy screening from neighbours (if in a built up area).
  • Create a shade solution for easy living outdoors living during the daytime.

Priorities will vary by taste and the style of the home. Two important priorities remain with all our courtyard design projects – those being the need for outdoor spaces to flow easily from the indoors and the need for usable entertaining space.

Families will have different needs to young professionals but the key ingredient for success is to keep all the design elements minimal and low maintenance. 

  • Create one or two main focal points ie don’t pack too much in.
  • Border planting creates the illusion of a larger space.
  • Hedge larger border plants to create privacy screening.
  • Layer different size and shapes of pots to create interest.
  • Paint fences a darker colour to create a modern contrast to planting.
  • Introduce an outdoor mirror to expand the space.

Our planting plan guide helps soften courtyard spaces. A key focus of our courtyard designs is boundary planting that over time will screen out neighbours or provide space effective cover for ugly boundary fencing. 

Popular screening plants for courtyard gardens include;

  • Conifers – Can become overgrown if not hedged.
  • Bamboo – We recommend Slender Weaver for Sydney Courtyard gardens.
  • Lily Pilly – Many varieties available and require little maintenance
  • Olive trees – Are hardy and good for Sydney coastal gardens.

We then layer this by introducing our modern pot selections and different planting points of interest. We achieve this planting balance by varying the texture, colour and size to create a calming space for relaxation and outdoor entertaining.

The answer depends greatly on whether you do a full courtyard renovation, a partial redesign, replacement or something in between. Either way, the 2 most important factors that affect the cost is always the amount of new building or new flooring required. 

Key areas that quickly blow a budget include;

  • New decking (whether hardwood or composite).
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Established plants.
  • Buying expensive pots
  • Built in barbeque area or custom made outdoor seating.
  • Custom built pergola and automated shade solutions.

Almost all our clients want to achieve their dream outdoor space. During our initial consultation, we can very easily provide budget guidelines to help you understand the costs attached and creative ideas to tailor your dreams to your budget.

Courtyards are usually limited for space, yet often require careful planning in order to fit in the elements that people desire for outdoor living. These include;

  • Boundary plants for privacy.
  • Pot selection to soften the space.
  • Outdoor furniture including table, chairs and sofas.
  • Shade solutions including umbrellas or built in automatic shade solutions.
  • Pergolas.
  • Undercover kitchen or built in barbeque.