Courtyard Garden Design Sydney

Courtyard garden design Sydney

Over the last 10 years, the growth in the number of Sydney townhouses has exploded. The big challenge is how to maximise these small courtyard gardens and smaller outdoor living spaces to improve outdoor lifestyles. Of course (being Sydney) this process always improves property values as well.

Small courtyard garden ideas

Courtyard garden design Sydney is an exciting challenge and often requires a combination of budget small garden ideas, regular backyard landscape design and outdoor courtyard styling. This compact design approach is very different to a large backyard garden design with an abundance of space. 

Low maintenance small garden design

We are experienced in low maintenance small garden designs which maximise these smaller courtyard spaces using our unique blend of global design influences & relaxed Australian design.

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courtyard garden design Sydney | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designer Sydney
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Courtyard Landscape Design Sydney

A well designed Sydney courtyard space becomes an irresistible extra living space to enjoy. This is an important lifestyle factor especially for townhouses, terraces or houses located close to the city.

Sydney Courtyard Gardens 

Our courtyard garden design Sydney service focuses on creating vibrant multifunctional spaces using design tricks to hide everyday items, increase storage and maximise entertaining space. All the while creating a green low maintenance oasis that our clients crave.

Sydney courtyard landscape design

Courtyard garden design Sydney is quite different to just regular garden design – it often more garden styling elements such as outdoor mirrors and minimalist sets of pots. Our planting specs are usually kept minimal in order to avoid clutter and over-design. Great outdoor lighting is a key element as these spaces are designed to be used both day and night.

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Courtyard Gardens Sydney

How to start great courtyard garden design Sydney

The most important starting point when designing a Sydney courtyard garden is to measure every single area and draw a list of priorities of what you want to pack in. We always include vertical spaces which usually present perfect space effective design areas.

Modern small garden ideas

Families will have different needs to young professionals but the key ingredient for success is to keep all the design elements minimal and low maintenance. Creating one or two main focal points for your Sydney courtyard will reduce the risk of overdesign.

Modern small garden plants

The planting plan will help soften the whole space. A key focus our courtyard designs is boundary planting that over time will screen out neighbours and provide a calming space for relaxation. 

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