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Vogue & Vine Services

Landscape Design

Initial Consultation

1 hour consultation on site.

Design Concept Package

This is most suitable for designing a front, back and/or side garden and includes:


Hourly Design Consultation

This is most suitable for clients who want:

We work closely with respected teams of landscape contractors and can work with clients from the garden design phase to project completion.

Our Design Process:

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation on site, we ask lots of questions, listen carefully to what you’re wanting, understand your broader interests, and how you’d like to use the space – for yourself, your family and friends, both in the short and long term. We aim to develop a thorough understanding of your brief, offering a number of possible design concept ideas, considerations and some hand sketches.

Stage 2: Proposal

We then send you a fee proposal outlining our understanding of your specific brief. We pride ourselves on having an intuitive understanding of our clients and ‘nailing’ the brief, so that there’s no misunderstanding from the get go. This is a thorough proposal that often helps clarify clients ideas and synthesises their different requirements.

Stage 3: Design and Development

Once clients proceed, there are a number of steps we undertake during the design process, including:

If clients engage in an hourly consultation, for a smaller project, we send a fee proposal outlining the estimate range of hours the project may take.

Stage 4: Sourcing and Ordering

If clients would like us to source any items such as furniture, pots, rugs, screens, mirrors, water features or wall art, this is offered at an hourly rate.

Stage 5: Construction

We have a number of different landscape contractors we work closely with. If required, we can recommend contractors, organise quotes, liaise with contractors throughout the process and oversee the project to completion.

Feel free to call us to discuss your outdoor needs. We are always happy to talk with you.

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