Sydney Balcony Design

Exclusive Sydney balcony design packages

We understand that Sydney balconies come in different shapes and sizes – making it harder to easily choose the different pieces for your perfect look. 

Do you really want to spend countless days & your precious weekends on your Sydney balcony design project? Do you want to go from suburb to suburb choosing the different pieces for your balcony or courtyard? This process takes many people weekends of choice and the whole summer to have delivered – WHAT A WASTE!


Our Vogue & Vine Sydney balcony design packages are for those customers that trust our eye for design and don’t want to go through a lengthy back and forth design and selection process.

We have already curated our package options and all you have to do is select from our list and sign up.


Unlike other online outdoor furniture packages, our Sydney balcony design packages include the whole room & REAL OUTDOOR PLANTS. These have been selected by the Vogue & Vine team to suit the harsh outdoor treatment received on Sydney balconies.

See our packages below AND Contact us today to start enjoying your new outdoor room in days rather than months.

Standard package

For smaller balconies
$ 7995
  • 60 minute on site consultation
  • Mood board + 2D plan *
  • 4 pots & plants
  • Dining table + 2 chairs
  • 2 seat sofa
  • Coffee table

Premium package

For medium size balconies
$ 9995
  • 60 minute on site consultation
  • Mood board + 2D plan *
  • 4 pots & plants
  • Dining table + 4 chairs
  • 3 seat sofa
  • Coffee table
  • 4 outdoor cushions *

Luxe package

For larger balconies
$ 14995
  • 60 minute on site consultation
  • 3D concept plan view
  • Mood board + 2D plan
  • 6 pots & plants
  • Dining table + 6 chairs
  • 3 seat sofa
  • coffee table
  • balcony lamp
  • Choice of outdoor bench or 2 extra dining chairs
  • 6 outdoor cushions *

Optional extras

Air conditioning cover





Wall Art


Outdoor fabrics


Pots Rugs

Vertical Garden

Water Feature




Side Tables



YES – We offer a range of items for you to choose within each category. These items have been hand selected by the Vogue & Vine team and will look great on your balcony or courtyard. 

We are happy to help you with your choices during our on site consultation.

NO – Just make sure you keep your selections within our provided options and the package price will not change. 

If you don’t find that our packages meet your needs, we are happy to quote you an individually tailored design for your balcony or courtyard.

BOTH – Our balcony packages are suitable for both Sydney balconies and Sydney courtyards. We recommend selecting the best package that suits the size of your space.

We recommend you select your pieces carefully. We do not swap or return any items for a change of mind.

Our balcony packages have been setup for Sydney delivery only. If you require delivery outside of Sydney, please give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

It is essential that you look into the requirements for delivery with either your strata management or relevant body corporate. Please book in and make the necessary arrangements well in advance of the delivery day.

We will arrange the delivery and installation of items in your package. This includes the pots with plants and soil.

Unfortunately once your items have been arranged for delivery, any cancelation or re-delivery may be subject to a surcharge.