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Who we are

Meet Deb & Nina

We are a mother and daughter team passionate about helping our residential and corporate clients to achieve their ideal outdoor and indoor spaces, through landscape design, plant styling and outdoor furniture and accessories.

Deb Meyer
Deb Meyer
Director, Landscape Designer, Horticulturalist & Outdoor Stylist

Deb is a qualified landscape designer and horticulturist and has worked in landscape design for many years.

Prior to embarking on her landscape design career, Deb worked in the creative arts, where she established herself as a highly successful creative events and theatre producer. For Deb, designing gardens and performance spaces have similar elements that make up a successful design.

Deb easily connects with clients and listens carefully in order to understand their brief. Her enthusiasm and passion for plants and garden design is infectious and she loves to create beautiful gardens that encourage her clients to spend more time outdoors.

When she isn’t tending to her family or obsessing over her indoor plant collection, Deb enjoys yoga, walking her Labrador Benny and cooking for her family and friends. She is thrilled to be working with her Mum, whom she greatly admires.

Nina Moss
Nina Moss
Director, Furniture Consultant & Stylist

Nina has been at the forefront of the designer furniture and fabric industry for many years, with an emphasis on both interior and exterior design.

She has run boutique fabric stores in Sydney and owned a successful furniture business on the North Shore. She greatly enjoys helping clients find the right furniture for their needs and finding pieces with a point of difference. Often picking trends well before the crowds, Nina has led the way with her great eye for design and quality craftsmanship, with a style that’s both contemporary and avant garde.

Nina has a reputation at problem solving furniture and design needs, with a strong knowledge of the best materials, finishes and ambient extras for any given area. She is excited about working with her daughter Deb and making a positive difference to clients in the outdoor furniture space.

Our Philosophy

We know well, from scientific research, that spending time outdoors improves a person’s overall health and happiness, particularly in the fresh air, surrounded by plants and other natural elements. As landscape designers and outdoor stylists, our clients’ wellbeing is of utmost importance to us.

We strive to create outdoor spaces that bring maximum enjoyment to our clients, whether it’s helping to create a tranquil, beautiful space, a more vibrant, social and playful area, or anything in between. We aim to enrich our clients’ lifestyle and help people connect to each other, to themselves and to nature.

Our Commitment

At Vogue & Vine, we give clients our best possible attention at all times. We are extremely thorough, with attention to detail in all our work, and pride ourselves on our honesty, credibility and integrity, with a highly professional service.

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