The Vogue & Vine Story

Vogue & Vine was founded by Deb Meyer & Nina Moss – a unique collaboration between mother & daughter.

Combining their 22 years of experience in creative garden design & outdoor furniture & styling. 

Their passion for design, family and connection are at the heart of every Vogue & Vine garden.

The Vogue & Vine design philosophy is deceptively simple – Inspiring Outdoor Living

Inspiring design that inspires clients to spend more time outdoors connecting with family & nature.


Sydney landscape designer - Deb Meyer | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Deb Meyer – My story

Director & Chief Designer

How my family shaped my design practice?

I grew up in a close Sydney family where I quickly learned the importance of strong personal & family relationships. These are the personal values I bring into my design practice.

My father is a retired GP  & my mother had worked as a counselor and outdoor furniture business owner. I thank them both for teaching me how to combine the love of humanity with my passion for design.

Why I started Vogue & Vine?

I had designed a number of my own gardens and studied landscape design (as you can see below). I felt it was time for me to grow wings and fly in an industry that I love.

Sydney Landscape Consultants
Bronte Landscape Designer Sydney | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

What did you do before starting Vogue & Vine?

1992 – Won a prestigious acting scholarship at Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre. My creativity was unleashed.

1998 – Designed my first garden in our first family home. Shocked family & friends by filling in the swimming pool and designed my first family friendly garden. The garden became the centre of our family life. The seed was born!

2002 – Moved to an unrenovated Californian bungalow and embarked on a huge back garden project. Creating a 280 sq metre lifestyle space with day bed, water feature and “tropical forest”. The garden became a magnet for family & friends. Still one of my favourite gardens!

2005 – Moved again to a renovated house on Sydney’s Eastern coastline. Guess what – I wasn’t happy with the basic gardens. I designed & installed my first coastal back garden with new pool, built in seating and coastal planting. I discovered my love of corten steel & created an organic shaped front garden. Suddenly the neighbours & passers by were asking me for help with their gardens.

2008 – 2012 – Studied Horticulture & Landscape Design at Ryde TAFE. Formalising my passion for garden design.

2012 – 2019 – Took on landscaping projects for friends while working part time creating events in the not for profit sector and raising my 3 children. The garden design fire inside me was burning. 

2019 – today – Vogue & Vine was born.

My enthusiasm and passion for plants and design has only grown. Vogue & Vine designed gardens have spread from the Eastern Suburbs to other parts of Sydney. Starting with balconies & courtyards and progressing to large back gardens & commercial gardens.

2023 – My husband Anthony joins Vogue & Vine as marketing & operations manager. Helping our family run business take off.

Today – A growing demand for our brand and a design award from the Landscape Design Institute.

Do you have a design philosophy?

It is well known from scientific research, that spending time outdoors improves overall health and happiness. Particularly in the fresh air, surrounded by plants and other natural elements.

We use landscape design as well as outdoor styling to create stunning outdoor spaces and enhance our clients’ wellbeing.

This shapes our design philosophy – Inspiring Outdoor Living.

Our aim is to enrich our clients’ lifestyles with inspiring design for better outdoor living.