DA Landscape Plans For Fast Council Approval

Council DA Landscape Plans - FAST APPROVAL

Are you are about to develop or renovate your property? 

Then you need to submit landscape plans with your DA or CDC to your local Sydney council.

All Sydney councils have different requirements, making it easy to make mistakes and hold up DA approvals.

Pass the approval stage quickly, with our professional landscape design plans, tailored for constantly changing council regulations.

Contact us to discuss your landscape plans & be approved by council first time.


Package A


  • Research council requirements
  • 1:100/1:200 2D landscape plan to suit council/developer regulations
  • Plant list with photos. Our award winning designer palette to match the site architecture & council requirements
  • Landscape specification with installation details
  • Our concept style tailored for fast council approval


  • New house build
  • Major renovations requiring DA or CDC
  • Low to medium budget


  • Survey & architectural drawings
  • Material schedule (if available)
  • Pool plans (if applicable)
  • Minimal client brief
Sydney council landscape plans NSW | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney
Package B


  • Initial 2hr onsite consultation
  • Elevations or cross sections
  • Design reviews for minor changes
  • Digital/printed mood board
  • Perspective & concept sketches
  • Multiple elevations & cross sections as needed
  • Materials list with quantities & photos
  • Design revisions


  • Custom designs
  • larger developments
  • Multi unit developments
  • Pool & spa design
  • Medium to large garden build budget


  • Survey & architectural drawings
  • Material schedule (if available)
  • Pool plans (if applicable)
  • Expansive client brief 
landscape plans for Sydney Council DA | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Our customers

Yvonne - Queens Park

"We were blown away by the ingenuity of her creative design transforming our small courtyard to a tropical oasis and zen garden. Deb delivered on time, within budget and was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!"

Maria F - Coogee

"We worked with Deb on our home landscaping project. From the initial consultation to the finish, we found Deb’s knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism and friendly nature made her the perfect choice. We highly recommend Deb, Vogue & Vine for any landscaping projects."

Leigh D - Bronte

"I engaged Vogue & Vine to bring my balcony to life. Deb presented various options - all nailed the brief! Her selection of plants perfectly fit the look and feel of the space. The balcony remains the star of the show. Sensational!."

Landscape plans for developers & architects?

  • Guaranteed council approval*
  • Quality residential & commercial plan design 
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Affordable
  • Over 50 years combined experience
  • Designed professional designers
  • Tailored to the architecture of the property

Our Sydney development plans service areas

Development Landscape Plans - FAQ

The requirements for landscape development plans are based around satisfying regulatory frameworks established by council and other local & state regulatory bodies.

Our development plans ensure the positioning of the key elements of your garden are well thought out and match the architecture of your house. We then ensure the other design elements meet the local council guidelines for a speedy approval.

The process for a full garden design is more bespoke and outdoor lifestyle focussed.

The Vogue & Vine full garden design starts with a brief and time spent ensuring that the final design suits the block, meets client expectations and improves lifestyle outcomes. This is a more lengthy process and doesn’t require the same regulatory framework as council development plans.

The environment has become an important consideration in Sydney planning laws as many gardens shrink in size while buildings become larger. 

The garden and landscaping regulations play an important role in maintaining green spaces while delivering community benefits and improving the infrastructure required for future living.

Landscape plans for councils deliver many benefits and are in place to address a number of lifestyle and environmental concerns. These include:

  • Energy efficiency for your property 
  • Stormwater runoff to avoid localised flooding 
  • Air quality for the region
  • Localised habitat for plants & animals
  • Privacy from neighbours

Exempt Development

Exempt developments are fairly minor and don’t require council approval. Examples of this include new decks, patios, carports, paving and garden sheds. They still have to meet building quality standards and regulations (as outlined below) and certain council regulations but don’t require submission of building or landscape plans.

If you are unsure whether your development is exempt, we recommend you look at either:


Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

Obtaining a complying Development Certificate (CDC) in certain cases is a faster and less costly alternative to a DA.

A CDC can be granted by a private certifier or council officer as long as the development meets certain criteria that are specified in the council LEP. The size of project can vary from a granny flat to a double story house.

For a CDC it is recommended to engage a professional landscape designer at the beginning of the process. Some councils will allow architect plans at the beginning stages, with professional plans required prior to granted the construction certificate. This reduces the flexibility to make changes to your garden design and often results in costly construction delays due to plan amendments.


Council Development Application (DA)

This type of development means you have to lodge plans with council for their consent. There is no uniform set of rules and each council has it’s own set of Development Control Plans (DCPs). The DA takes the most amount of time and expense out of the three developments we have outlined.

Many home builders submit their plans to council 12-18 months before they start work on their landscaping. This time gap can result in design changes to the original plan. The approved plan does allow for some flexibility as long as the major factors such as pathways and fences are maintained. 

We advise utilising a professional landscape designer at the beginning of the DA process so that all regulations are addressed. A professional designer will make sure that the key elements of the design are correctly laid out – this can allow for minor modifications after the approval without having the expense and delays of submitting new plans.

Councils need to make sure that landscape plans meet the relevant building codes and regulations. 

Here is a checklist to make sure your plans comply with these regulations:

  • Location of servicers such as drainage
  • Structural integrity, safety
  • Construction techniques
  • Hard area and soft area ratios
  • Statement of environmental effects
  • Existing trees to be retained or removed
  • Existing and new levels
  • Erosion control plan
  • Proposal for additional planting
  • Site analysis and measurement
  • Planting layout & plan including botanical names and suggested pot sizing
  • Surface treatments such as driveways

* *Vogue & Vine provides a guarantee that it’s landscape plans will be approved by council.

This guarantee only applies to the landscape design component of the plans (and not other aspects of the DA/CDC).

Should council reject any aspect of the landscape design plans, Vogue & Vine will redesign the plans according to council feedback at no additional charge.

The approval guarantee only applies to the original design lodged with council. It does not apply if the client makes changes outside the original brief.

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