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It’s hard to find time for a garden renovation while ALSO being busy with work, life & family. 

Trusting a Sydney landscape design company to both design & install makes your new garden experience faster & more convenient.

Be inspired by Vogue & Vine‘s award winning Sydney landscape designers, as you discover creative garden design, outdoor styling & convenient installation.

Call us to discuss your new outdoor lifestyle without the stress.

Our Sydney Landscape Design Projects

Your garden size or location doesn’t have to restrict your design options.

See how some of our landscape design projects vary in size from small gardens & courtyards through to large backyards and swimming pool design.

The Process - From Start To Finish

On Site Consultation

Deb Meyer - Landscape Designer in Sydney NSW | Vogue & Vine - Landscape designers Sydney

The on-site consultation is an exciting stage where you meet our head designer & uncover the potential together.

Get ready for stunning new ideas and concepts tailored to your space & your brief.


Creative Landscape Plan

Landscape Design Point Piper | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

We then get to work designing all aspects of your new garden. 

During the design presentation, your expectations will be exceeded with our professional 2D designed plans including our plants, pots & materials selections.


Stress Free Installation

modern coastal garden design, dover heights | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Take advantage of our established relationships with some of the best landscape contractors and landscapers in Sydney to install your project.

Your garden will be high quality & stress free from start to finish.

Award Winning Landscape Design in Sydney


Landscape Design Point Piper | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Our high end residential landscape services suit all garden sizes.

Tailored design will be in harmony with your site and home’s architecture plus your taste and outdoor lifestyle expectations. 

After the design, we will introduce you to one of our trusted landscaping & construction contractors to provide a quote. Taking the stress out of the installation process.


Commercial landscape design | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Commercial landscaping services suit all commercial applications including DA landscape plans, hotels, multi unit developments and educational institutions.

Take the headache out of dealing with local councils and the timing deadlines required for commercial landscape plans. 

Deb Meyer - Sydney landscape designer, Garden consultant Sydney | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

The Vogue & Vine approach

Meet Deb – our Founder & Head Designer.

With a background in the creative arts, landscape design & interior styling, Deb created our unique Vogue & Vine approach –  a harmony between garden design and modern outdoor living. Many Vogue & Vine gardens now feature in high end residential properties across Sydney.

Your personal V&V garden space will inspire you to spend more time with family & friends enjoying your new outdoors at home. Combining greenery, sustainability with the latest exterior styling ideas.

You will easily connect with Deb and find her passion contagious. Her understanding and trust will make your new Vogue & Vine experience memorable and stress free.

Our Google 5 star reviews

We were blown away by the ingenuity of her creative design transforming our small courtyard to a tropical oasis and zen garden.
Deb delivered on time and within budget and was a pleasure to deal with . Her ideas have created a place that we are so happy to enjoy. Highly recommend!

Yvonne – Queens Park

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Deb ignited a spark within me and I felt very passionate and inspired by the final plan.
Nina was so helpful in sourcing my outdoor furniture and pots. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough- would give 10 stars if I could!.

Maria P – Rose Bay

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I engaged Vogue & Vine to bring my balcony to life. Deb nailed the brief! Her selection of plants perfectly fit the look of the space.
The balcony remains the star of the show with a perfectly themed planter box. Sensational!.

Leigh D – Bronte

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Vogue & Vine team include qualified horticulturalists, new garden design experts and creative landscape designers and landscape architects.

Our experience brings an attention to detail considering the genius loci, borrowed scenery, native plant habitat and artistic focal points. This makes sure your outdoor area is functional and works with the topography and microclimate of your site.

For every outdoor space, we consider the spatial development using lines & sense of scale in our drawings. This forms the basis of our plans with a sophisticated sense of balance and symmetry. We then introduce an inspiring plant palette with artistic focal points to enhance the final look.

As landscaping experts, we have experience in landscape management, horticultural botany, landscape engineering & construction management. The team use latest in landscape design software to bring our vision to life.

We have formed valuable networks with some of Sydney’s finest landscape contractors and builders to help transform your designs from vision to reality.

The cost will vary based on the size of your site and the different areas that require specifications in the final plan.

Some projects such as small balconies or small front gardens can be achieved on site during the initial consultation visit. 

Larger back gardens require more creative time considering the different concept options with pot & plant specifications.

The quoted design fee includes the final design, plant schedule, 2D plan (or optional 3D designs) and revisions as required.


We have developed a significant portfolio of smaller gardens –  These suit apartment balconies and townhouse courtyards. They often include the smart use of pots and plants as well as styling elements such as mirrors, rugs and furniture.


Our larger projects leverage many of the ideas of our smaller gardens BUT on a larger scale. These often include outdoor shading, relaxation zones, fire pits, larger planting, swimming pool design, timber decking and larger format pots.


There are many styles available. These are some used for all sizes of gardens:


Vogue & Vine are known for including stunning pots into our Sydney garden designs.
Lightweight garden pots
Our lightweight pot range suits compact small gardens and modern back gardens. 
The range includes the latest shapes including circular pots for feature plants & rectangular troughs for privacy planting.
Handmade stone pots
Many Vogue & Vine gardens feature handmade stone pots as stunning features pieces. They are often used in clusters for larger gardens OR in combination with the lightweight range.




When planning your new garden. It helps to consider the following elements:

HARDSCAPE – Paths, walls water features, sitting areas, paving & decking.

SOFTSCAPE – Plants, seasonal requirements, lifespan, growth habits, speed of growth, annual or perennial flowers, deciduous or evergreen plants

LOCATION – Topographical features such as slopes, hills and outcrops

CLIMATE – Consider the garden’s climate zone and microclimate. Is it windy or sheltered? Does it get direct sunlight or filtered sun?

SOIL QUALITY – The quality of the soil be can determine the success of your plant growth. For great soil quality you will need both water and nutrients. This can be improved with compost, peat or manure. We recommend testing the soil first to see whether it is sandy, clay or organically rich. 

BOUNDARIES – The main boundaries include hedges, walls & fences. Privacy screening is an important consideration for urban gardens.

SURFACES – Garden beds will require mulch to reduce water evaporation. This include woodchips, loose gravel or small pebbles. Establishing a green lawn will require a quality topsoil followed by regular maintenance.

GARDEN FURNITURE – Consider the style of your outdoor tables and chairs, benches, kids play equipment such as swings or trampolines, Outdoor styling such as outdoor mirrors, pots and outdoor rugs.

LIGHTING – Can be broken down into safety lighting, uplights & downlights

MAINTENANCE – Ongoing maintenance is recommended for your ultimate landscaped gardens.

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