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Rooftop Garden Design Sydney

Looking to create a private rooftop garden for extra outdoor living space?

Since the increase in Sydney apartment living, modern rooftop gardens have surged in popularity.

Our award winning rooftop garden design service converts your urban rooftop into a living roof garden oasis.

We combine design & installation for stress free residential & commercial roof gardens across Sydney. 

Contact us and start enjoying your new roof garden lifestyle.

Our Roof Garden Process - From Start To Finish

On Site Consultation

Deb Meyer - Landscape Designer in Sydney NSW | Vogue & Vine - Landscape designers Sydney

The on-site consultation is an exciting stage where we meet and uncover your rooftop garden’s potential together.

Get ready to be introduced to stunning new ideas and concepts tailored to your roof space & your brief.

We put everything in writing afterwards with a thorough design proposal highlighting your brief & outlining the next steps.

Creative Garden Plan

Landscape Design Point Piper | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

After approving our fee proposal, we get to work designing all aspects of your rooftop garden. 

During the presentation of your design, your expectations will be exceeded with our professional 2D designed plans including our plants, pots & materials selections.

Importantly we will provide all the details required by landscapers to provide an accurate quote.

Stress Free Installation

modern coastal garden design, dover heights | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

We have established relationships with some of the best landscape contractors and landscapers in Sydney who frequently install our roof gardens.

We can arrange them to quote your installation. Making sure your project will be high quality & stress free from start to finish.

After installation, we can style your roof garden with the latest outdoor furniture & accessories for contemporary outdoor living.

Our Google 5 star reviews

We were blown away by the ingenuity of her creative design transforming our small courtyard to a tropical oasis and zen garden.
Deb delivered on time and within budget and was a pleasure to deal with . Her ideas have created a place that we are so happy to enjoy. Highly recommend!

Yvonne – Queens Park

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Deb ignited a spark within me and I felt very passionate and inspired by the final plan.
Nina was so helpful in sourcing my outdoor furniture and pots. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough- would give 10 stars if I could!.

Maria P – Rose Bay

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I engaged Vogue & Vine to bring my balcony to life. Deb nailed the brief! Her selection of plants perfectly fit the look of the space.
The balcony remains the star of the show with a perfectly themed planter box. Sensational!.

Leigh D – Bronte

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Sydney Rooftop Garden designer

Green roof gardens can be small and difficult to access,  but they provide another opportunity to expand your outdoor living space.

Compact roof garden ideas

Vogue & Vine have created a reputation for creative  small outdoor spaces in Sydney. Our roof gardens blend luxury planting with modern outdoor living ideas to extend your urban living areas – creating unexpected outdoor room.

Small rooftop gardens Sydney

Small rooftop gardens may not have room for expansive lawns & decking, so we scale down our rooftop design using space effective outdoor pots and troughs combined with low maintenance plant choices. Scaled down outdoor furniture is also important for outdoor living.

Contact us to arrange a design consultation to discuss your rooftop garden project..

Rooftop landscape designer

Our rooftop garden projects always begin by checking all the available access points including lifts and stairwells. – We make sure that all the pots, plants and furniture will be the right size to make it to your roof.

Rooftop garden plants

We select low maintenance rooftop garden plants such as native grasses and succulents that will withstand the windy and exposed conditions of Sydney apartment rooftops. Often rooftop plants need to extremely sun tolerant and be able to survive with minimal water (unless an irrigation system is installed).

Residential rooftop garden design

Outdoor pots and troughs are perfect for residential rooftop gardens. They create instant garden beds without the need for expensive waterproofing.

Vogue & Vine have a huge selection of leightweight pots that complement the roof garden architecture. Our ranges include handmade limestone pots that are perfect feature pieces for rooftop gardens.

Rooftop landscape design Sydney NSW - Q&A

There are some important considerations when designing an outdoor rooftop garden

  • Measure the whole area including wall space.
  • Priorities what you want to pack in bearing in mind the available space. 
  • Utilise vertical spaces with vertical gardens or outdoor mirrors.
  • Use compact tables and furniture.
  • Create multi level planting with larger plants protected from the wind.
  • Measure all the access points including lifts, fire stairs and doorways to ensure all the materials make it to the roof.
  • Ensure body corporate approval where necessary – especially where roof garden architecture such as pergolas are required.

These design ideas are perfect for a cbd rooftop garden in Sydney or a residential roof garden.

Best rooftop gardens ideas

Young families will have different needs to downsizers,  so the best roof garden ideas keep all the garden elements minimal and low maintenance

  • Maintain planting simplicity with a focus on shrubs and low maintenance grasses.
  • Use plants that are wind and sun tolerant.
  • Where possible, use vertical spaces efficiently with vertical gardens or other rooftop styling ideas.
  • Utilise space effective pots and troughs that can create instant garden beds.
  • Use compact outdoor furniture that can be installed on site.
  • Create an outdoor irrigation system to keep the plants healthy.
  • Consider an experienced rooftop garden design Sydney company such as Vogue & Vine.

Our horticultural planting plans helps soften rooftop gardens with plants that are wind, sun or shade tolerant.

Popular plants include;

  • Native Australian Grasses – Drought tolerant and suitable for exposed conditions.
  • Bamboo – We recommend Slender Weaver. Only suitable with an irrigation system.
  • Succulents – Drought and sun tolerant requiring little maintenance.
  • Star Jasmine – Can be trained to grow against your rooftop wall.

Best rooftop garden designer

We prefer not to introduce too much colour variety in smaller rooftop gardens. Our plant selections designs generally focus on achieving variety using different textures rather than colour.

Sydney rooftops vary in size significantly – from small residential apartment rooftops to larger commercial rooftops in Sydney’s CBD. Some rooftop and penthouse gardens can be massive with newer apartment rooftops being more compact.

The 2 key factors when considering cost are the size of the roof and the ease of access to the roof.

Other areas to consider when forming a budget include;

  • New flooring or waterproofing.or tiling.
  • Deckiing – natural timber vs man made decking.
  • Plant size – established vs smaller plants.
  • Pots – expensive handmade pots vs leightweight GRC or reinforced fibre glass
  • Built in barbeque/outdoor kitchen.vs moveable outdoor barbecue installed on site.
  • European outdoor furniture vs mass produced outdoor furniture.

Vogue & Vine provide a lengthy initial consultation to provide budget guidelines for your rooftop garden project.

These are the main benefits of Sydney roof garden

  • Reduce thermal heat – Roof gardens act as a great urban insulator which is why green spaces are so important in our cities for energy efficiency.
  • Noise reduction – The combination of soil and plants acts as a sound barrier and reduces the noise in our busy cities.
  • Attract birds and other wildlife – Welcome back the birds and butterflies to your garden.
  • Rainwater runoff – Rooftop plants absorb rainwater and can reduce runoff into our waterways.
  • Improve air quality – Green roofs help filter the polluted air through the photosynthesis process. Imagine the reduction in smog if every CBD building had a green roof.
  • Wellbeing – Green spaces on the roof provide contact with nature. This is proven to have mental health benefits and improve overall happiness.

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