Landscaping Locations

Vogue & Vine provide landscaping and garden design services in many locations of metro Sydney. Find our projects near you OR contact us to discuss your project

  • Forestville
  • Frenchs Forest
  • Freshwater
  • Ingleside
  • Killarney Heights
  • Mona Vale
  • Narraweena
  • Narrabean
  • Newport
  • Palm Beach
  • Seaforth
  • Terrey Hills
  • Warriewood
  • Whale Beach
  • Wheeler Heights

Landscaping projects are a great way to add value to your Sydney home. Most vogue & Vine clients start by knowing one or two plants and only have a small idea how to pull the whole garden together.  In our experience, it doesn’t take long for our enthusiasm to rub off and our clients start enjoying the process of creating their own backyard oasis. This enthusiasm makes the process more enjoyable but it can be extremely challenging and overwhelming for homeowners without a professional designer & horticulture expert by your side.

Hiring a professional landscaping company like Vogue & Vine to carry out some tasks such as professional 2D or 3D design, deck design, lighting plans and any council submissions will help reduce the your stress. Our team have the experience to complete landscaping projects successfully.

Why Hire a Professional Landscaping Company?

The main reason why most people don’t hire the services of a professional landscaping company in Sydney is the cost. It is quite common for homeowners to hire professionals to build or renovate their home. This makes sense as it requires skilled professionals or experienced builders to achieve a quality result.  Often the budget is overstretched at the end of the project, so they do the landscaping work themselves.

Reliable landscaping and design professionals have experience of many years designing and installing similar projects to yours. They can show you both before and after pictures of the projects they have done previously. This experience means the job will be done faster and to a higher level of quality. 

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on plants only to find out that they aren’t suitable to the conditions or the soil is substandard or the drainage is a problem. These are the risks of DIY and can often lead to false savings.

A professional landscaping company will fast make decisions that will be of value to your landscape and home. This is especially so if your project needs DA or CDC council approvals.

Outdoor Garden Projects that need a landscaping expert

Plant specification

Professional landscapers and garden designers know the different types of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers that are most suitable for your soil quality, microclimate and water usage requirements. If you want a low maintenance or drought tolerant garden, then a design & horticulture expert can create such a landscape that will last the distance.

Not all plants are healthy for humans or pets. If you have are concerned about poisonous plants, or you want an organic garden to grow fresh vegetables, or other edibles then a professional landscaper will find the best solutions.

Sometimes trees need to be removed when renovating a garden. An landscaping expert will be in a better position to advise you about any potential erosion or runoff issues and will also have the best arborist contacts to make sure the job is done according to council regulations.

Design, Planning and Council Permits

In you are starting out on your new garden project, it will be crucial to seek the assistance of an expert landscaping company who will guide you through the entire landscaping process. A professional will offer you different designs concepts and layouts that not only suit your budget but the architecture of your home.

A professional landscaper will also help you in get the best contractors and materials available. In some cases, permits may be required before undertaking some projects. In your project requires permits, then an expert will be in the best position to advise on the types of permits required. In most cases, your landscaper will arrange any permits for your garden project.

It is essential that your project is completed according to all council codes and regulations. If a project requires a permit and you fail to get one, your project might ground to a halt – making it more expensive than you had planned.

Outdoor Lighting for night Sydney gardens

Gardens are not only used during the day, but a night time garden is perfect for entertaining or relaxing after work. It is important to have proper outdoor lighting to make the most of the after dark beauty of your garden. A qualified landscaping professional will assess your garden and suggest different lighting solutions including up lights, floodlights and pathway lights.

Outdoor lighting has come a long way with changes in technologies offering more low voltage options that last longer and use less energy.  The best options can even be operated via a mobile app for the ultimate flexibility. Discuss these newer technologies and green options with your landscaping professional to find the best solutions.

An expert will assist you to find the latest outdoor lighting fixtures or even repair to older ones. They will have knowledge of the latest options available and may also sub-contract an outdoor lighting project to other experts to optimise your home’s wattage and electrical system requirements.

Outdoor wiring is one of the most challenging projects for DIY gardeners. It is more dangerous than indoor wiring as it is exposed to the outdoor elements. The unpredictable outdoor environment is affected  changes in pressure and temperature, humidity, bugs, and pets – making outdoor wiring a tough and hazardous option.

Incorrect wiring may result in a short circuit is not only dangerous, but will also blow your budget. A landscaping expert or expert electrical contractor will guarantee the quality of work required and protect you and your home from potential danger.

Outdoor Garden Water Features

Installing large water features in Sydney can be complicated for many homeowners. Water features add to the sensory pleasure of your garden with the relaxing sound of running water. Adding a small water fountain or a pool in your home landscape can be done DIY but once again it is important to get advice and know what you are doing.

Such projects can involve excavation and hauling large rocks, hardscaping materials, and boulders. As well as the correct disposal of any excavated soil. Professionals landscapers will make sure that any underground work is done correctly so pipes will be leak-free and well-insulated to drain properly. 

Your Landscape professional will work closely with hardscape contractors – striking the right a good balance between landscape, design & hardscape.

Sydney Spas and Pools

Constructing a swimming pool or a spa in Sydney is not an easy project for most homeowners. Such a project is large and requires large excavating machinery. If a pool is installed improperly, it can be dangerous to use. The best time for planning to install a spa or a pool is many months before the time you intend to use it.

Assessing the property, developing the design, acquiring materials, and filing permits can take time. A landscaper will work closely with pool contractors to create a beautiful transition between the landscape and recreational areas.

Porches, Patios, and Decks

Some DIY homeowners like trying out the construction challenge of installing a patio, porch, or deck. These types of projects may be achievable but the end result can either be unstable or take way too much time. These carpentry based projects are often best left to the experts. For example a decking contractor or carpenter understands all the structural engineering requirements of building a deck. They can also help a homeowner through the different material choices available in the market.

Sydney Concrete contractors have all the machinery and tools required to remove old or damaged material. They will dispose it correctly, and then build your new patio. A concrete expert also understands drainage and run-off issues and will angle the material properly to ensure that water does not run towards the foundation of a home.

In some locations, such projects might require a permit. Concreting professionals will know about the relevant permit requirements and lodge the paperwork on your behalf.

Irrigation and sprinklers for healthy plants

It is not too difficult to install a sprinkler system in a small garden. For convenience, if you don’t want to do this project yourself, or you need a low-maintenance irrigation system, then it will be better hiring a landscaper or irrigation specialist.

A Sydney landscaper is used to installing irrigation systems to deal with Sydney’s dry summer climate. They will plan & design an efficient watering system that includes an automated timing system that will suit your lifestyle. Specialists will also advise you on all the areas of your garden including pots and garden beds that might need different watering settings.

We always recommend a professional landscaper who understands the nature and slope of your garden and one can offer you the best advice on ways to save water. Your garden will need different watering levels over summer than winter. Some plants in your garden will die if over watered, so the right watering and drainage is essential for a healthy Sydney garden.