Vertical gardens Sydney

Vertical gardens and green walls are a great way to create your green oasis without taking up the space of a traditional garden.

Designing and installing your Sydney vertical garden doesn’t have to be stressful. At Vogue & Vine – we simplify the process by blending our latest landscape design ideas with modern plant choices. The end result is a thriving vertical garden with hand selected plants perfect for your own garden space.

As a professional wall garden & landscape design company, we make sure your new vertical garden enhances the rest of your garden and the architecture of your property. 

Green Walls Sydney

circular vertical garden green wall | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Circular Wall Garden

Vertical garden Sydney | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Vertical Garden For Small Spaces

courtyard vertical garden green wall | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Courtyard Vertical Garden

indoors circular vertical garden | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Internal Vertical Gardens

Vertical Garden Installation

Residential Vertical Garden | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Sydney’s residential gardens vary in size from apartment gardens and courtyards to larger backyard gardens. No matter what size – vertical wall gardens provide a space effective garden option.

We carefully install your wall garden size and select the best plants so that it fits your available garden space perfectly..

Vertical garden commercial | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Sydney commercial buildings and multi dwelling units can have little space available for greenery and gardens.

Vertical gardens are the perfect space saving garden to transform these buildings with stunning architectural greenery.

Call us to discuss the many installation options available for internal and external gardens for commercial building and offices.

Residential Vertical Garden Sydney | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Small gardens need space effective garden design to maximise the limited space available.

Using the available wall space in to install a small green wall garden means you don’t have to sacrifice space to enjoy the beauty of a greenery.

As small garden design experts, a new wall garden is often part of a full garden design to transform your whole outdoor space.

circular vertical garden green wall | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Our on-site design consultation helps us select the best solution for your available wall space. 

We can arrange the installation of your new gardens or it can be one element of a larger landscape design plan.

Call us today or discover our on site consultation options.

Yvonne - Queens Park

"Deb and her team were outstanding. We were blown away by the ingenuity of her creative design transforming our small courtyard to a tropical oasis and zen garden. Deb delivered on time and within budget and was a pleasure to deal with . Her ideas have created a place that we are so happy to enjoy. Highly recommend!"

Maria F - Coogee

"We worked with Deb on our home landscaping project. From the initial consultation to the finish, we found Deb’s knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism and friendly nature made her the perfect choice. We highly recommend Deb, Vogue & Vine for any landscaping projects."

Leigh D - Bronte

"I engaged Vogue & Vine to bring my balcony to life. Deb presented various options - all nailed the brief! Her selection of plants perfectly fit the look and feel of the space. The balcony remains the star of the show with a perfectly themed planter box bookended by 2 fabulous vertical gardens. Sensational!."

Our Sydney landscape design services

balcony garden design | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney NSW

Small Sydney balcony gardens need compact design ideas.

We bring these small spaces to life with carefully selected outdoor furniture and other elements for modern apartment living.

Commercial landscape design | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Designing new commercial gardens involves creative ideas that take into account council regulations, fast approvals and the project budget.

We provide solutions for all commercial landscaping projects.

Our landscape plans are also suitable for DA or CDC developments. These can be lodged with council with your architect plans.

Sydney courtyard garden designers | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Sydney townhouses & large apartments can have compact outdoor gardens.

We use our space saving design ideas to transform them into stunning outdoor multifunction gardens.

Sydney Landscape Consultants

Our on-site garden consultation helps develop your broad design theme and establishes the foundation for your detailed landscape design plan.

Discover our consultation options here

courtyard vertical garden green wall | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Vertical gardens & green wall gardens are a perfect solution to introduce greenery into garden areas that are limited in space.

They are perfect for residential balconies and courtyards and can be installed both indoors and outside.

Designer garden pots Sydney | Vogue & Vine - Landscape Designers Sydney

Outdoor pots provide the perfect accent pieces for contemporary Sydney gardens.

With a large choice of pots available, Vogue & Vine have curated our own range that suits both small garden design & larger backyard gardens.

Our range is broken down by Leightweight Pots, Leightweight Planters, Rustic Pots & Corten Steel Pots.

Vertical Garden Design Sydney - FAQ

A vertical garden is no different to a regular garden in that some regular maintenance and attention will help it thrive in the long term.

Initially your green wall garden might require more attention compared to an in ground or container plant. These living walls contain a different soil mixture – so they will need frequent watering. This makes it essential to invest in an irrigation system to supply regular water for the plants.

To ensure watering based on factors like size and orientation of the garden consider we recommend using a battery operated commercial grade timer for irrigation.

It is crucial that the plants receive the correct amount of water for their environment. The right mixture of potting soil also aids in water retention and moisture preservation.

When planning the layout for the garden – we recommend placing plants that require water towards the top (since they tend to dry out faster). Plants that perform better in wetter conditions should be located towards the bottom of the garden layout.

You can locate a green wall garden in almost any internal or external area. 

Some common positions include entrance walls, garage walls, swimming pools, kitchen splashbacks, side paths/fences, balconies, external shower areas and internal atriums and walls. 

We recommend choosing plants that are suitable for the location in order to ensure success.  It is recommended to group plants with the same sunlight requirements and growth rates. 

At Vogue & Vine – we are qualified horticulturalists – we recognise that even small gardens have micro climates with variations in air quality, light exposure, soil conditions and water distribution. 

For a successful green wall garden -factors such as temperature fluctuations, lighting patterns throughout the day humidity levels and air circulation need to be considered. These factors will help dictate the plant choices and the long term success of the garden.

Modern vertical gardens

Modern vertical garden systems can include all the elements required for success – including irrigation, plants and a maintenance service. Alternatively DIY kits are also available.

Pocket style gardens

Pocket gardens are where plants are nestled into pockets made from plastic felt or canvas material. These pockets are specially lined to retain moisture. Can be easily screwed onto a wall rail or timber batten. This simple option is particularly suitable, for budget gardeners.

Green/Living walls

This type of garden utilize wall spaces for both indoor or outdoor gardens. Panels with plants are grown using soil based or soilless mediums. Some buildings even incorporate these their facades as architectural features.

Vertical gardens

These gardens use containers, pots or recycled materials attached to walls or structures. They are commonly seen in homes as a way to incorporate space-effective greenery into spaces.

Trellis systems

Trellises, made from wood, metal or plastic serve as structures for growing plants and vines vertically. They provide support and structure for plants to climb.

Modular systems 

Modular systems utilize pre-made panels that can be easily installed on walls. These panels often come with built in irrigation and drainage systems already integrated.


When planning to install a green wall or vertical garden, you should consider the following:


Ensure that the wall where the green wall will be attached can tolerate 50 kg of weight/metre. If its not structurally adequate you may need to install support or an independent framework to handle the weight.

Available light

For indoor installations –  you should assess how much ambient light is available in that space. This will help determine whether additional LED grow lighting will be necessary for the plants.

Water connection

It’s essential to check if there is a water point or tap nearby. If not you’ll need a plumber to connect irrigation equipment from the water source to supply water for the wall.


Consider how water will drain at the bottom of the wall. Is there a way for any water from watering the plants to drain naturally into the ground? Alternatively install a trough for drainage.

Growing food

Edibles such as herbs or vegetables may not work well in green walls. Due to their seasonal nature – they can impact the visual design once they die back. 

It is better to allocate a specific part of the wall for herbs or edibles.

All gardens require some maintenance to ensure they look their best over time, and green wall gardens are no different.

We recommend our clients allocate up to 15% of the installation cost, per year for ongoing maintenance. This usually takes the form of monthly visits throughout the year.

Vogue & Vine always install plastic pots in our gardens. This means that we can be easily swap or replaced any underperforming plants as part of a maintenance service.

.As part of a maintenance agreement, service visits can include the removal of shedding leaves, trimming plants,  testing irrigation systems and refilling fertilizers, managing pests and the potential for plant replacement (depending on the package).

Choosing plants for vertical garden is different to a traditional outdoor garden. Important factors include:

  • The location and orientation of the wall.
  • The amount of sunlight or natural light it receives.
  • The level of shade and climate and whether it is an external garden.
  • Managing the “settling in period”

Selecting the correct plant species and varieties also varies for both outdoor and indoor gardens. At Vogue & Vine, we offer horticultural advice to help you select the best plants for the long term health of your wall garden .

Here are our some wall plants to consider:

  • Ferns –  Adaptable and can withstand humidity, grow quickly with a popular tropical appearance.
  • Begonias & Bromeliads; Suitable for both sunlit and shaded spots. They come in varied shapes, colours and sizes including variegated or trailing varieties.
  • Clematis – Prefer sunlight for their flowers while keeping their roots shaded. Come in diverse shapes and colours.
  • Golden Pothos – A fast climbing plant that grows upwards and complements other plants beautifully. Can thrive under indirect sunlight.
  • English Ivy – A robust, evergreen option. It easily attaches to walls and forms a covering. It thrives in partial sunlight.
  • Giant Lilyturf – A glossy appearance and abundant foliage.
  • Geranium –  Available in many colours with long lasting flowers.
  • Wedding Vines – With pure white flowers and a beautiful fragrance.
  • Orchids – A cascading effect with flowers surrounded by long slender leaves. They thrive in light but should avoid direct sunlight.
  • Lipstick Plant – They gracefully trail downward and thrive best in humid climates.
  • Herbs & vegetables – Thyme, Oregano, lettuce & spinach.

The key to successful plant selection is to understand their specific needs in terms of water, light exposure and nutrients.

  • Plan your garden – Determine where and what type of plants to use (eg decorative, succulent, food, etc.). Consider the space required and the location. Direct sunlight exposure often determines installation options and certain plants may require more care based on these considerations.
  • Wall frame – Select the most suitable wall frame to suit the new garden and your existing garden design. Black UV treated recycled plastic or metal frames are the best options for modern gardens. Consider how to securely attach it to the wall or keep it upright.
  • Budget – Consider your budget in terms of time, effort and money before deciding on the size and plants. 
  • Irrigation – Think about how you plan to water your plants as part of this decision making process. Automatic irrigation can greatly benefit your plants health. When installed correctly it helps avoid overwatering or underwatering while conserving water. It’s crucial to ensure waterproofing is in place to prevent issues like rot and mould caused by water running down the wall over time.
  • Pot planting – Most specialised plastic pots easily hook or screw into the frame. It is essential to use pots with drainage so that water can flow from one pot to another when properly positioned on the frame. Specialised potting mix is essential and provides essential nutrients to provide sustained growth.
  • Planting plan – Depending on the design, it is easier to set up the frame first  before carefully installing the plants. It is best to use a professional wall garden company to design the plant layout.

Exterior Vertical Gardens

The orientation of the external wall will determine the types of plants that would work best and their water requirements.

External walls that receive sunlight often thrive as vertical gardens. Exposure to strong afternoon sun can create challenges and should require more resilient plant species.


It is important to ensure access to tap water and utilise an irrigation system.

There is no need for additional drainage installations, on external setups – any surplus water typically evaporates quickly.

Internal gardens

When installing internal gardens, waterproofing the host wall and surrounding areas are critical avoid any water related issues. 

Here are some steps we recommend: ;

  • Choose suitable materials for the host wall and apply waterproofing measures accordingly.
  • Install a trough and drainage point to capture any excess water that flows through the system.
  • Ensure adequate Irrigation so that each plant receives the amount of water it requires. We recommend drip irrigation. for long term plant health and to minimise water consumption.
  • Utilise timers to schedule and adjust the watering both on site and remotely. 
  • LIGHT LEVELS – Different plants thrive better in environments with different light levels.  Vogue & Vine provide guidance and suggestions, for creating functional plant combinations suitable for indoor gardens with varying levels of natural light. 

Every vertical wall requires irrigation. The system should take into account the water quantity for each plant, watering frequency and fertilization. 

Vogue & Vine take into account the location, humidity levels, temperature variations, sunlight exposure, shade availability, and wind patterns when recommending irrigation solutions.

Hand watering

We DO NOT RECOMMEND hand watering the gardens as It risks both over or under watering that can harm the plants. Watering from the front of the wall can also lead to foliage overflowing and causing flooding at the bottom of the wall – damaging the plants and wall or floor.


Drip irrigation

Drip line irrigation is where every plant is equipped with a drip line for watering. To set this up, each individual plant receives water through a drip line that is installed along the back of each pot.

Irrigation control unit

Features an auto timer and can potentially allow remote monitoring and management.

This is the best set-up as the plants are automatically watered. This reduces the chances of over or under watering, and can be remotely adjusted for convenience.


Automated fertilizing;

The irrigation system can also deliver the correct amount of fertilizer for each plant to thrive.

Typically there is a trough at the base of the wall for waste drainage. Any excess water, from irrigation is captured by this trough.

Natural insulation

Vertical gardens provide a layer of home insulation – lowering the temperature during summer keeping spaces warmer during winter – leading to energy bill savings.

Noise reduction

Vertical gardens naturally absorb noise, harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays creating a more tranquil atmosphere.

Enhancing air quality

They act as a natural shield absorbing pollutants such as dust and smog and other harmful compounds in the air. This air purification creates a cleaner environment for both homes & offices.


With the flexibility to create a green wall that blocks out any unwanted views, it enhances urban privacy.

Stress reduction

Studies have shown that plants have an impact on reducing stress and promoting psychological well being. Walled gardens in homes & offices can contribute to a sense of tranquility and overall wellness.

Space reduction

Vertical gardens are perfect for balcony and courtyard gardens where space can be limited. 

Healthy source of food

Wall gardens can produce vegetables and herbs such as lettuce, spinach, beans, carrots, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, , mint and oregano. 

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