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THE CLIENT – For this Redfern courtyard garden design, our client was keen for us to create an inviting, open space where he could relax as well as entertain his large extended family and friends. He wanted  an Industrial style courtyard design with some elegant design touches and one that incorporated as much seating and storage as possible. In this 6 x 6m space, we incorporated built-in seating along 2 sides, with lift up storage, as well as a 3 seat outdoor sofa that could be moved if necessary.

PLANTS & MATERIALS – Needed to be low maintenance, so we included a timber-composite seating, which needs no maintenance but has a rich, warm look. We incorporated concrete flooring to add to the industrial vibe, as well as garden beds with drought tolerant plants, including mixed succulents, Yukka elephantipes and Crassula ‘Max Cooke’. A mirror was included to visually enlarge the area. Along with contemporary pots and and a new dining table & chairs, the courtyard was completely transformed!

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